AB Scroll Edit


Syntax: FETISH FASHION FROM <animal>

        FETISH GRAFT WINGS FROM <animal>

        FETISH ATTACK <target> <poison>


Power:  10 (any) (to fashion and graft only)

Bone fetishes are representations of the power of the animal kingdom. First, you begin by making a basic fetish from the bones of an animal. This is your basic bone fetish and is not useful until you begin grafting parts of animals onto it. You first begin by learning those animals who produce the following poisons: ANEROD, NIRICOL, BOTULINUM, CONTORTRIN, or PYROTOXIN.

Generally, animals who produce these poisons fly and you will need to find the bones of one of them. Contact a poison expert if you are not sure what animal produces ANEROD, NIRICOL, BOTULINUM, CONTORTRION or PYROTOXIN. Then you can graft representations of wings onto your fetish. At this point, through use of your ego, you can use your bone fetish as a weapon to deliver these poisons. You will, of course, need vials of these poisons handy for your bone fetish to use.

If you lose your fetish, you can always CALL it back to you.

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