Wiccans serve a dual purpose as the spiritual advisors of forest communes as well as liaisons to the realm of the fae. In times of need, they can summon the fae to help. Depending on the wiccan's totem specialiation, they may receive fae spirits to help them. For example, specializing in the Moon totem allows summoning of the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Broom Dart through the skies on a broomstick.
Leprechaun Greedy leprechauns steal from others.
Faecall Call your loyal fae back to you.
Faereturn Return your loyal fae back to their home.
Maiden A graceful Maiden of the Moon will bless thee.
Brownie Giggling brownies tickle your enemies.
Sylph Winged sylphs bring your enemies from the sky.
Faecloak Hide your fae from view.
Dryad Forestal dryads sprout trees in any environment.
Pigwidgeon Mysterious pigwidgeons trip your foes when they flee.
Sprite Tiny sprites heal your mind.
Channels Open aetheric channels to other planar entities.
Pixie Mischievous pixies bring sleep to your foes.
Nymph Wood nymphs soothe the animals.
Mother A Mother of the Moon heals your body.
Banshee Screeching banshees attack the mind and body.
Mushrooms The faerie mushroom circle summons you to the woods.
Willowisp Sparkly willowisps misdirect your enemies.
Crone (Moon only) A dark, toothless Crone of the Moon delivers curses.
Slaugh (Night only) As beautiful as she is vengeful, a dark fae of disease.
Pooka Playful pookas control your enemies.
FaeConverge Have all your loyal fae converge upon you at once.
Toadcurse Transform your enemies into a warty toad.

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