AB Scroll Edit


Syntax: SHIFT TRUENAME <target>

Damage Modifier: 1/8 universal increase

Every person bears a true name, which is hidden even from one's own self. Discovering the truename of a person is very traumatic to that individual, physically, emotionally and psychically. If the victim's temporary insanity is at least moderate, the truename will be revealed. Regardless of whether you are able to receive the truename or not, your target will suffer a brief blackout. You can hold the truename of only one individual. While holding the truename of a person, any damage you do to that person will be increased.

Notes / Messages Edit

Always causes Blackout even if the truename can't be acquired.

Message (Victim sees, below moderate insanity):

<His/Her> eyes turning into starry orbs of pitch black, <Person> gazes deep into your eyes. You feel <his/her> thoughts boring into your own, but you shake your head and cast <him/her> out.

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