Transmology is the cosmic science of transforming oneself. This occult science is a closely guarded secret of the Illuminati. Since the Vortex is a divine creche that was never finished, it is in a constant state of flux where the organic materials constantly transform and mutate. Transmologists have studied these energies and use it to merge their own essence with the constantly seething flesh pots in the Vortex. While rumours abound that practitioners allegedly are able to transform their bodies to allow for many useful abilities, the Illuminati masters generally cloak themselves and not much is truly known about this science.

Skill Description
Harvest Harvest the flesh from the Fleshpots of the Vortex.
Fleshwork Prepare your flesh for transmological transformations.
Link Channel the energy of wild astral nodes to your nexus.
Return Call your loyal creatures of flesh back to you.
Skin Your skin is the first line of defence of your body.
SkinFold Store flesh within the folds of your skin.
Folds The uninitiated are not worthy of seeing your superior body.
Eyes Your eyes are the windows to your true inner soul.
Spix Create a creature to distract your enemies.
Legs Since you can't sprout a third (yet), improve the other two.
Ears The elfen aren't the only ones with special ears...
Ribbachi Create a creature with which to share a special bond.
Belly A flat belly is not necessarily a good thing.
Nose Haaatchooo! Your nose can be a versatile organ.
Sludgeworm Your most disgusting beast. And yet strangely beautiful...
FleshCloak Hide creatures from the prying eyes of others.
Channels Open aetheric channels to other planar entities.
Torso The torso can be the base for powerful transformations.
Morrible Create a creature that can alter thoughts and perceptions.
Pathways Choose the illuminated pathway on which you will walk.
FluidFlesh Briefly melt your flesh, allowing instant transformation.
Hands Transform your hands into powerful weapons.
Throat Oh, what beautiful sounds you can now make.
Hekoskeri No one's quite sure what it is, but be careful walking by.
Gauntlets Enhance your hands with gauntlets of flesh.
Mouth Your mouth offers a myriad possibilities for manipulation.
Madfly Send a madfly to bite and goad one's mind to insanity.
Aura Even your spirit surpasses the mundane norm.
Homunculus Form a creature from your own vital essence.
Fleshmound Establish your hold on the flesh of the Vortex.

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