AB Scroll Edit



        TRANSMIGRATION <on|off>

Power:  5 (commune nexus)

You can form an even deeper bond with your animal familiar. This deep bond is the mingling of both your soul and its spirit. If you die, your soul will transmigrate into the body of your animal familiar and you will thus be reborn. You will only be able to transmigrate if you have Ecology as an active skillset. Your familiar will also provide you with unique bonuses.

Owl       - 2/4 equilibrium recovery bonus


Badger    - 1/5 max health bonus

            1/8 universal damage increase

Fox       - 2/4 balance recovery bonus

            1/8 cold resistance

            1/8 fire resistance

Vixen     - 1/5 max ego bonus

            level 2 seduction influence

Tarantula - 1/5 max health bonus

            1/8 poison resistance

            1/8 cold resistance

Viper     - 2/4 balance recovery bonus

            high resistance to dendroxin venom

Widow     - 1/5 max ego bonus

            level 2 weaken influence

Bat       - 2/4 equilibrium recovery bonus


Warning: If your familiar dies while you are in the realm, you will be severely injured.

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