There are a variety of Great Nature Totems; this skill focuses on the bonding with each of them and is only available to those who live in nature communes. Bonding with a totem will gain you some ability associated with that totem. SPIRITS will list all the totems you are currently bonded with. Upon mastery of that level, you can specialize in creating a deep bond with one totem that is associated with the nature commune you live in.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Squirrel Forage for nourishment.
Night Shroud yourself with mother night.
Skunk Spray other people or the ground with a stinky odor.
Sun Regenerate your ego under the sun's presence.
Rock Make yourself harder to move.
Moon Regenerate your mana under the moon's presence.
Crow Instill fear into others.
Tree Heal yourself in the presence of mystic trees.
Groundhog Burrow into the ground.
Trout Breathe underwater like a fish.
Wolf Become brave as a wolf.
Bear Become strong like a bear.
Stag Quickly sprint in any direction.
Monkey Mastery of the trees.
Horse Leap over obstacles.
River Heal yourself when swimming in the rivers.
Snake Resist poison.
Nature Bond your spirit with all of nature.
Master Move on to a master specialization.

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