AB Scroll Edit




Power: 10 (Matrix)

Create a thunderbird egg which you can raise as a beast. The power cost will be significantly less if cast on the Elemental Plane of Air. The thunderbird has the ability to fly as well as the inherent ability to breathe lightning which the aeromancer may cast regardless of his or her level in Beastmastery. The lightning breath of a thunderbird has the unique property of giving epilepsy to its victim.

NOTE: If you lose the thunderbird skill, your thunderbird will not abandon you; however, it will no longer have the ability to cause epilepsy when it breathes lightning nor allow the owner to use breathe lightning without the Beastmastery skill. Also note that the thunderbird's inherent ability to fly will always need the the flying skill in Beastmastery to use it.

Notes / Messages Edit

Message (1st person):

You cup your hands before you and a small roiling cloud forms between your outstretched fingers. Thunder booms and small jagged bolts of lightning flash within the cloud. You hold the small storm aloft and loud cracks of lightning shoot up from the cloud. As you force your hands closed, the cloud contracts into a grey sphere.

Message (1st person, already summoned):

You already have summoned a thunderbird egg.

Probe of the egg:

The egg is as large as a grapefruit, perfectly formed into the shape of a sphere. The colour is a mottled grey, like darkening storm clouds. The egg softly trembles, sending small jolts of electricity across its surface.

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