Telekinesis is the psionic specialization that focuses on creating fields of force with the power of thought that can be used to manipulate matter. Using telekinesis as a weapon can be terribly effective, as the psionicist can burst veins and otherwise harm the physical body of their enemies. The upper levels of telekinesis can use these force fields to create substantial defenses.

Skill Description
Trip A simple telekinetic hook at the legs.
Burst A slight squeeze of the heart will burst blood vessels.
Pyre Fan flames by exciting the air with your mind.
ForceFeed Mentally lift up food and shove it down the throat.
PsychicLift Lift forth the corpses of your victims.
AnimateDagger Telekinetically use a dagger as a weapon.
Fling Toss someone up high in the sky.
Choke Wrap a band of force around the neck and tighten.
PsychicFist Snap the bones of your victim with a psychic fist.
Clot Burst vessels may be clotted for unpleasant effects.
ThroatLock Prevent swallowing by pinching the esophagus.
Magnetize A magnetic field around a weapon makes it slower.
Sweat Massage sweat glands, causing a slippery mess.
ForceField Protect yourself with a telekinetic force field.
Barrier Raise a force barrier, sealing off exits.
Heartburst Cause a weakened heart to explode.

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