Tattooing is the art of illustrating the body with permanent images and empowering them with energies, which are generally defensive in nature. In order to apply inks, it takes a physical manifestation of power, which can only be done through the channeling of ka energy. Since ka is mastered through the study of kata, monks are the sole practitioners of the art of tattooing. At some point in the study of kata, a monk will be able to harness the energies of his or her tattoos to use as armour, though this is only possible if the monk wears no other armour, including great robes. Thus, the legend of naked fighting monks has emerged. Of course, non-monks often seek out tattoos for their secondary powers as well as for aesthetics, making the art of tattooing a lucrative profession for monks.


       TATTOOS FAVOUR <tattoo>
       TATTOOS UNFAVOUR <tattoo>

For those with tattoos, you can list the tattoos on your body as well as list the powers of your tattoos. You may also favour one of your tattoos, which means that one tattoo (so long as it is not covered by clothing) will be visible on a brief examination of yourself.

Syntax: EXAMINE <person> TATTOOS

       EXAMINE <person> TATTOOS <tattoo id>

Anyone can examine another's visible tattoos (i.e., not covered by clothing), and further examine the details of a specific visible tattoo on that person.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Preparation Prepare your skin for tattoo armour.
Inking Learn the basics of inking tattoos.
Fingers From knuckles to tips, decorate fingers.
Toes Don't leave the toes out in your illustrations.
DamageAbsorption Absorb damage by specific type.
Neck The neck is a canvas for the adept.
Face Small markings on the face give character.
IllusionPerception See through illusions with the power of tattoos.
Wrists Illustrate the wrists with wonders.
Ankles Mark your ankles with illustrated designs.
DamageBuff Increase damage by specific type.
Hands Hands can be a fine canvas for tattoos.
DivineTattoo The Gods themselves will appreciate these tattoos.
Feet Beauty starts from the feet on up.
Charisma Influence others with the strength of tattoos.
Arms Illustrate arms from shoulder to wrists.
Interference Interfere with magics of unwanted movement.
Legs Decorate legs with masterful illustrations.
Waist The waist provides a sensual canvas.
ElementalTattoo Braving the elements is easier with these tattoos.
Gut Tattoos on the gut can be quite sensual.
EnchantedTattoo Enchantments last longer with such tattoos.
Back Illustrations on the back can be powerful.
PowerTattoo Enhance your power with this tattoo.
Chest The chest is a great canvas for inking tattoos.
TattooMaster Increase the power of your tattoo armour.

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