Tarot is the skill of flinging cards inscribed with powerful images to great effect. It is said that in ancient days the original Tarot was much different than what is seen in these modern times, as the cards have evolved to reflect aspects of the Last Nine Vernal Gods. The skill was developed in cities and is primarily used by the guardian archetype. It is an excellent all-around skill with a variety of offensive, defensive and miscellaneous powers.

To use the skill, you must first find an artist to supply you with some blank tarot cards and a palette of paint. Then, you INSCRIBE <card> with <image> (assuming you have the ability to inscribe). Once the card is ready, you simply FLING <card type> at <target>/ground. Some cards require you to fling the card at a target, some at the ground.

Enchanters with high enchantment skill and planar skill can create inter-dimensional card packs which allow access to an interdimensional rift. This rift can store a great deal of cards. You can IND/OUTD <card> to place or remove cards from your rift (eg OUTD MAGICIAN). To see the contents of your tarot rift, type DL or DECKLIST.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Inscribing The ability to inscribe images upon blank Tarot cards.
Healer Heal yourself or others in the radiance of Dionamus.
Emperor Like the Dark Emperor, compel others to follow you.
Cardpacks Use the handy cardpacks for easier storage.
Magician Replenish your mana with the might of the Magician.
Hangedman Hinder your opponent with a mass of ropes.
Fool Tarot messages will be masked by a foolish jester.
Hermit Teleport to an uninhabited location.
Empress Summon your friends to you.
Teacher D'varsha the Teacher holds many secrets.
Lovers Create a strong love for you in your target.
Warrior With the help of Klangratch, your tarot will damage others.
Fall Tap into the reverbations of the destruction of old Celest.
Moon Bestow the maladies of the moon upon your enemy.
Dreamer Let Vestera sleepily unravel your enemy.
Judge Let Juliana bring justice to the unjust.
Starleaper Evade opponents with the swiftness of Shanth.
Catacombs Travel the Catacombs of the Dead, courtesy of Urlach.
Princess The Imperial Princess can cure all ailments--at a cost.
Aeon Curse your foe with the mark of Chronos.
Lust Cause an opponent to hopelessly lust after you.
Enigma Bear the Enigma of Tzaraziko within your being.
Soulless This dangerous tarot will rip the soul out of another.
World Brush aside protective rituals by virtue of Kiakoda.

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