AB Scroll Edit


Syntax: PLEDGE DEEP <supernal>

Power:  10

One of the most important and difficult tasks a Celestine undertakes is forming a deep bond with a Holy Supernal. This can only be accomplished after bringing supplicants to worship before the tabernacle that corresponds to the Holy Supernal with whom the bond is being sought. Once enough supplicants are brought (and it takes quite a lot), the Celestine may journey to Celestia and seek to form a deep bond with that Holy Supernal.

A Celestine may only ever have one deep bond with a Holy Supernal. This reflects a special relationship between Supernal and Celestine and should be given much thought. If a pledge is ever broken, so too will the deep bond be broken.


        SYMBOL STRIKE <target>

        SYMBOL EVOKE <power> <target>

Damage Type: 100% Divinus Energy

Damage Source: Magical

Damage Modifier: 1/7 universal resistance

                 1/8 resistance to Holy Supernal's type (see below)

Can Target Denizens (strike only)

Once a Celestine forms a deep bond with a Supernal, he or she may call forth a symbol of that Supernal. This symbol must be wielded in order for its powers to be enabled. It can strike an enemy as a weapon, as well as being able to directly evoke one of the powers of the Holy Supernal whose symbol it represents (i.e., an investible power). Finally, wielding the symbol adds a small protective field around the Celestine, though the field is stronger depending upon which symbol it is:

Elohora offers more protection against blunt damage.

Methrenton offers more protection against fire damage.

Shakiniel offers more protection against cutting damage.

Japhiel offers more protection against cold damage.

Raziela offers more protection against poison damage.

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