AB Scroll Edit



        SMUDGE [QUICK]BURN (3p if quick) (Any)

You can fashion a smudge from the plants of a swamp. When burned, your enemies may be caught in quicksand, making it impossible for them to move until freed. Note that the larger the size, the easier it is to get out of quicksand (ironically enough), but trying to move will cause a victim to sink deeper into it. See AB ECOLOGY HILLSSMUDGE.

Ingredients: calamus 1 myrtle 1

Notes Edit

Quicksand lasts for 9 seconds at base but the timer is extended for each movement which does not free you from the quicksand. In testing on a faeling (which would be a traditionally small race) there was a 0% chance to escape after ~40 movement commands sent. This caused the quicksand to last for over 100 seconds after the last movement attempt.

Message (1st person, burn):

Pressing the smudge stick against your breast, you channel the vibrations of the earth up through your feet. Murmuring a brief ceremony to the wilds, you light the smudge with tinderbox and let it tumble to the ground.

Message (3rd person, swamp complete):

The cloud of fragrant smoke coalesces into the scene of a verdant swamp.

Message (victim sees, quicksand start):

You gasp in horror as you begin to sink into a patch of quicksand.

Message (victim sees, quicksand movement denial):

Your movement causes you to sink further into the quicksand!

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