When Raflein awoke the voice of the Elder Goddess Rhapsody, they developed the musical style known as the Starhymn. Those who practice this style mimic the sounds of the angelic choirs on Celestia as well as the beauty of running waters, evoking the music of the stars.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Composition You may compose songs expressing your own creativity.
Sustain The ability to maintain a song.
Processional A beautiful hymn that regenerates willpower and mana.
LoveCanticle Blessed be Raziela, a hymn of love and healing.
DiscordantChord This painful chord shall crush the disharmonic soul.
HopesCarol Thanks be Shakiniel, a hymn of protection.
StarLight The light of the stars can disturb your foes.
Refrain A musical structure that allows repetition of a stanza.
Reprise A musical structure that allows reversal of a stanza.
StarChord Send forth the Light to vanquish your enemies.
MercifulSanctus Honours to Japhiel, a hymn of balanced justice.
CrusaderCanto Glory to Methrenton, a hymn of the holy flame.
LightCantata Praise be Elohora, a hymn of the blinding light.
CaptiveAudience Both friends and enemies hear nothing but your songs.
CelestOde Rousing song that inspires the citizens of Celest.
GuardianAngel A guardian angel to take your blows.
AngelSong Angels who hear will increase their speed.
PrincessFarewell The last song of Princess Marilynth holds great power.
JustChorale Your music brings penance from Holy Celestia.
AvengingAngel An avenging angel to chase your foes.
Encore Play a rousing encore performance.
Recessional When the hymn winds down, it is best not to disturb it.
EverSea Infuse the waters with the music of the stars.
AngelicHost An angelic host shall return the dead to you.
Requiem Lead those unto death with the requiem for the dead.

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