AB Scroll Edit



Power: 10 (Matrix)

Uses:   POINT STAFF <target> [direction]


      RAISE STAFF <target>


Damage Type: 50% Electrical, 50% Cold

Damage Source: Magical

Damage Modifier: 15

Can Target Denizens (in room only)

The ultimate weapon of the aeromancer is a staff created from elemental air. By wielding the staff you may POINT STAFF at a target and shoot wind and lightning at your target. You can RAISE STAFF at others to strip the levitation defense from them or to fling them into the sky if they have no levitation defense. With WHIRL STAFF, you can reveal anyone hiding in your location. Finally, by TWIRL STAFF you can raise a nimbus of protection around you, which will offer a 1/8 damage resistance to electrical damage. This nimbus will also fling lightning at those who attack you, though it must be a direct attack in the same room and elevation as you. The power cost will be significantly less if cast on the Elemental Plane of Air.

Notes / Messages Edit

Costs 1p if cast on air.

Message (1st person, cast on air):

You lift your hands over your head and dark clouds form above you. Thunder crashes and booms, heralding forks of lightning that crack loudly and blast against the ground. You catch one thunderbolt in your hands, the electricity thrumming between your fingers like slick ice. With a cry of triumph, you wrest the lightning to the ground, where it quickly solidifies into a delicate crystal staff.

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