AB Scroll Edit





No one is better at survival than Squirrel. Bonding with this spirit will grant the ability to FORAGE for food in the forests. SPIRITS will list all the spirits you currently have bonded with.

Notes / Messages Edit

It appears that foraging is based on the room, trying for the first time in a given room tends to lead to success that can't be repeated until you move again.

Message (1st person, forage, fail):

You search carefully about your surroundings, but alas can find nothing on which to feed.

Message (1st person, forage, success):

You scamper about your surroundings, and eventually collect a sizeable cluster of edible nuts and berries which you devour hungrily.

Message (1st person, bond):

You call upon the spirit of squirrel to provide sustenance for you. You cannot stifle a giggle as you are tickled by tiny paws running over your skin.

Message (1st person, release):

You release the spirit of squirrel, silently thanking the spirit for bonding with you.

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