AB Scroll Edit



          SQUAD NAME <new name>


          SQUAD DRAFT <player>

          SQUAD DISCHARGE <player>

          SQUAD LIEUTENANT <player>

          SQUAD FORMATION <org>|NONE

          SQUAD TRANSFER <player>


          SQUAD LEAVE

You can create squads for hunting the creatures and denizens of Lusternia (non-player characters and animals). All squad members in the entourage of the squad's leader (the commandant) and the commandant will get an experience bonus from such hunting. The bonus increases with the size of your squad. You can only command a squad of 12 people or less.

* MUSTER - Creates a squad with you as its commandant and only member.

* NAME - Gives your squad a unique name.

* RECRUITS - Lists the recruits in your squad and their ranks.

* DRAFT - Brings another player into your squad. You may only draft allies.

* DISCHARGE - Removes a recruit from your squad.

* LIEUTENANT - Should you, as the commandant of a squad, leave the squad or die, your lieutenant will be promoted to commandant.

* FORMATION - Lets you orient your squad in support of a city or commune. That organization's nexus will gain some energy as the squad gains experience through NPC combat.

* TRANSFER - As commandant, you may transfer leadership of the squad to another member.

* DISBAND - Eliminates your squad.

* LEAVE - Lets you quit a squad into which you have been drafted.

Syntax: SQUADT <text>

        SQT <text>

Both syntaxes are the same. One is just an abbreviation. It is a communication channel with your squad.

Syntax: SQUADS

Lists all squads that are in a formation of support for your home city or commune, useful for if you wish to join in one.

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