AB Scroll Edit


Syntax: CHARM FASHION <comm> <amt> [<comm>] [<amt>] ...

Damage Modifier: 2/2-X (total, divided as outlined below)

Charms are made of the mineral kingdom and can be powerful protections when worn. A charm must be made with exactly 20 commodities. The commodities you use determine what the charm will protect against and the weight it will protect you. You begin by learning to work with with soft minerals and ores, which protect against the following:

Sulfur : Protection vs. Poison

           Salt   : Protection vs. Electricity

           Coal   : Protection vs. Asphyxiation

For every 5 commodities of a type in your charm, the cap for that type increases by 2. For instance, a charm with 5 sulfur and 15 salt confers a 2/4 protection vs. poison and a 2/8 protection vs. electricity. You can fashion your charm in any proportion so long as 20 commodities are used. You can fashion your charm as often as you like, though there will never be more than one charm and it is only usable by you.

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