AB Scroll Edit



        WEAVE NET

First, you must weave a special net to catch snakes in. This was a skill originally taught by dracnari beastmasters. You will need 1 cloth and 1 silk commodity. Once woven, you have been trained to adeptly catch almost any snake you encounter.

Messages/Notes Edit

Weave Net (first person):

With great skill, you unravel strands of crystal threads from a crystal egg, and use the cloth and silk to construct a finely-woven snake net.

This creates 'a finely-woven snake net'. At Transcendent Ecology this net has 62 months of usefulness after creation in one test.

Charm Snake (first person, success):

You hold open a net, crooning sibilantly and weaving your fingers back and forth in front of a large python.
A large python bobs its head up and down, as you gently coax it into the net.

After charming the snake it is inside your net. Removing a snake from your net allows you to perform normal inventory items with them, like wielding.

Charm Snake (first person, failure):

A large python bobs its head up and down, but then hisses in a sudden panic.

When charm snake fails the snake goes into a panic and begins to run, this appears to be a very low chance at transcendent.

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