AB Scroll Edit




        SPRAY <target>


The defense of Skunk is yours when you bond with him. You can SPRAY your enemies with Skunk's stink. If you spray the ground, the stink of the room will make anyone standing within it untrackable. It will also throw off any trackers who wander into a stinky room while tracking someone, regardless of where the target stands.

Notes / Messages Edit

Message (spray target, victim sees):

<Person> turns around and squats, spraying you with a noxious liquid.

Message (spray ground, first person):

Calling upon the spirit of skunk, you spray the ground with a stream of noxious fluid, until a foul smelling puddle forms.

Message (reminder tick for spray ground):

You choke down a gag reflex as you inhale a most horrid odor wafting through the local area.

Message (1st person, bond):

You call upon the spirit of skunk. You wrinkle your nose as his musky presence envelops you.

Message (1st person, release):

You release the spirit of skunk, silently thanking the spirit for bonding with you.

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