Shofangi is the specialization of kata that is taught by the guild of the same name in the Serenwilde. Monks taught at the Shofangi School will develop skills with use of the shofa, sometimes called the staghorn knives or moonblades.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Shofa The basic staghorn knife attack.
Skive Attack the defences that would keep your shofa out.
Boost Spend power for superior kata moves.
Logami A knife grapple to immobilize the arms.
Gripping Grip your wielded items in a deathlock.
Shotah Whirl your blades faster.
Disarm A move to disarm wielded weapons.
Stomp Injure a foot with extra leg damage.
Bogami A knife grapple to immobilize the legs.
BullSnort Throw off the equilibrium of others.
HeadButt Attack with your head like an arm or leg.
Rake Increase bleeding from your blade.
HeelSlam A focused kick with your heel.
Butojo Cut up the tongue.
Shoflai Flay the skin, hindering its ability to heal.
Tomati A knife grapple to impale the gut.
BullStrength Increase the power of your kicks.
Hook Knock down the opponent with a low swing.
Shred Tear apart the flesh of a foe.
Boganj Break the kneecaps.
Ram Knock down barriers.
Kumati A knife grapple to impale the chest.
Crunch Use your knee to crunch a head.
Kumaki Cut the spine.
Buck Kick out your legs like a bucking bull.
Kumato Painfully hurl someone away from you with your blades.
BullKick Hurl someone away from you with a mighty kick.
BullCharge A fierce charge from afar.
BullRage Rile yourself into an energetic rage.

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