The Shadowbeat song style was first designed by the founder of the Harbingers Guild, Nirrti, along with the help of Mahalla, the Dead Voice of an Elder Goddess who was consumed during the Elder Wars. Shadowbeat music is both melancholy and powerfully rhythmic, creating a unique musical style.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Composition You may compose songs expressing your own creativity.
Sustain The ability to maintain a song.
VenomDrops Increase the potency of poisons.
ShadowLight Mother Night's shadows conceal her children.
DiscordantChord This painful chord shall crush the disharmonic soul.
NightFade The power of night fades the ego of the weak.
SpiderLegs Navigate webs with the ease of a spider.
Refrain A musical structure that allows repetition of a stanza.
Reprise A musical structure that allows reversal of a stanza.
ShadowChord Music to direct shadows against your enemies.
BarghestBlues Hearing barghest howls disrupts herb balance.
ShadowRave No one can resist dancing to the beat of your music!
Shadowpulse The song of shadow increased the flow of blood.
CaptiveAudience Both friends and enemies hear nothing but your songs.
BloodyCaps A song to make any redcap's mouth water.
DarkHeart Music that inspires those touched by Glomdoring.
SlaughFest Dark fae who hear this sound will be driven to a frenzy.
CrowCaw Hearing the Cawing of Crow can drive a weak mind mad.
WidowsMercy The poisonous black widow looks mercifully upon your agony.
Encore Play a rousing encore performance.
NightshadeBlues Hearing this sound causes the ultimate depression.
SpiderCantiga Melody will manifest stinging venoms.
WyrdSong The song of the wyrd protects its own.
Dirge Let a funeral dirge lead them unto death.

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