AB Scroll Edit



Power:  1 (to tighten or squeeze) (Master Ravenwood)

Once you have retrieved the shadow of your target, you can begin to inflict some real punishment. Twisting the shadow will cause mental anguish in your target and dull their mind, stripping the speed defence if present. When you tighten the twists on their shadow, you will evoke further damage to their corporeal form, depending on the number of twists present. Twisting a shadow tightly for the seventh time will undoubtedly be too much for it to handle. You can probe the shadow to see how many times it has been twisted tightly.

You can also squeeze a shadow to elicit the current effect, at the cost of 1p. You can only squeeze a shadow four times. On the fourth squeeze, it will dissipate.


1) Blindness and prone.

2) Double sleep.

3) Aeon.

4) Stupidity.

5) Two damaged legs.

6) Anorexia.

7) Aeon, stun, and a large mana drain.

Notes / Messages Edit

The twists before the final one appears to do around 700 mana (or ~10%). The final twist hits for ~25% max mana and the stun is long enough that you will not be able to sip before toad, meaning that at the final twist you are in mortal danger if your mana is < 75% of max.

Message (victim sees):

<Person> grasps your shadow in <his/her> hands and twists it violently, sending jolts of pain through your mind.
You feel your body falter under the supremacy of Mother Night.

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