AB Scroll Edit



Power: 10 (Any) (For Demesne)

By encouraging growth within a forest location, a random type of sapling will be born. Only one sapling can grow in any location, and it will prevent any mage from changing the environment. If the location a sapling grows is not a natural forest location (i.e., a location where the environment has been changed into a forest), it will die in one Lusternian day. However, if the sapling is born into a true forest location, it will permanently thrive there, growing larger and larger. If it survives for two years, it will blossom into a mature tree, which can then be harvested for lumber. The older (and heavier) a tree is, the more lumber it will provide. If the tree is never harvested, it will eventually die on its own in about 10 years (leaving only half the lumber it would have yielded if harvested). Trees grow faster during the Spring and Summer months, as well as if the growth spell is used in its location.

Casting for the demesne will create saplings in each room for ten power.

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