Sacraments is a specialization of Rituals, and can only be learned in New Celest, as it is connected to the nexus known as the Pool of Stars. Drawing power from Celestia, the Plane of Light, Sacraments channels the power of the Light into divine rituals to help and heal. However, there is a harder side to Sacraments that involve branding those who seek to subvert the Light.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Mastery Acceptance of the Light into your soul.
Emissary Be an emissary of the Light.
Benediction Invoke blessings upon your flock.
Lastrites Perform the last rites for fallen souls.
Fervor An intense religious fervor rooted in the Light.
Lustration Bless the mind.
Ablution Bless the body.
Heretic Brand the unsaved with the aura of the heretic.
HolyLight Wield the manifold blessings of Holy Celestia.
HallowedGround Bless the ground and fill the location with holy light.
Judgement Pass judgement upon the life of others.
Honour The aura of honour heals your flock.
Numen The aura of numen protects the body from harm.
HolyHealing The Light of Celestia can restore body, spirit and mind.
Infidel Brand a heretic with the aura of the infidel.
Resurrect Breathe life into a dead body.
Sacrifice Give up your own life to save the soul of another.
Inquisition Punish infidels for their sinful ways.
RighteousArms Consecrate your weapons against the enemies of the Light.
Trueheal Restore the mind and body from any degree of damage.

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