Rituals focuses upon chanting and tonal notes to perform various magical rites. Though High Magic is not a prerequisite, Rituals is sometimes associated with High Magic because both were established in civilized urban environments. Upon mastering this magical skill, the ritualist may move on to the specialization associated with the nexus of power they are connected to.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Encipher Hide your writings from prying eyes.
Laetitia Heal the ego.
Fortuna Call upon good fortune.
Puella Heal the body.
Draconis Cover your body with dragon scales.
Amissio Absorb the mental energy of others.
Puer Heal specific body parts.
Via Travel swiftly across Lusternia's highways.
Populus Increase your charismatic charm.
Conjuctio Command yourself a following.
Acquisitio Unconsciously pick up things around you.
Rubeus Focus your negative emotions.
Tristitia Sense how another protects himself.
Carcer Hinder the travel of others.
Master Move on to a master specialization.

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