AB Scroll Edit


Syntax to cast: STARCHANT RIGHTEOUSARMS BLESS <symbol/weapon>


Holy Light: 1

Regularly leading the charge of battle, the Flame's Blade was known for her righteous charges into the fray and thick of combat, armed with her faith. It is said that she would spend each night offering prayers to each Supernal in turn, beseeching their manifold blessings upon her own armaments.

When Shakiniel answers, she allows both the Celestine's symbols and a Paladin's weapon to be blessed. Raziela lends a special gift of her own - with each blow you strike you may find the love and warmth of the Light washing out from your weapon, cleansing away the first impurity or affliction found. Methrenton, eager to see the unnatural purged from the land, empowered his sister's blessing such that it would be twice as effective against the undead. The final gift from Elohora was to open the minds of the devout to the Light when attacking the undead, granting a chance to gain Holy Light each hit.

If you are a warrior, 1/6 of your entire attack (both weapons for one-handers, or the single weapon for two-handers) will be converted to Divinus damage.

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