AB Scroll Edit


Syntax: REBIRTH <animal>

Power:  5 (commune nexus)

Sometimes you may want to give the spirit of a dead animal another chance upon the cycle of life and death. Though not all animals may be given a chance at rebirth, if successful it will be granted a new animal body.

The first animal you give rebirth to will form a close bond with you, and if your bonded animal dies, you will suffer great damage so it is important to keep your bonded animal safe. After its death, the next animal spirit you grant rebirth to will become your bonded animal. Of course, you can continue to grant rebirth to as many other animals as you desire but you will only ever have one at any time that has the special bond.


        BOND MOVE <direction>


        BOND ATTACK <target>



        BOND PROBE <item>


Power: 5 (any) (To recall from another plane)

After you develop this bond, you are able to give your familiar various commands using your bond with it, provided you are on the same plane as your bonded animal.

Commanding your familiar to listen will allow you to use its ears as your own, picking up all conversations that it can hear, while commanding it to look will allow you to use its eyes, showing you what it sees. You may also command it to move remotely, and recall it to you if necessary, though this will take longer if it is out of your local area. Finally, you may command your familiar to attack an enemy that is with it. You can also order your familiar to observe its surroundings. In the event you wish to dismiss your familiar, you can as well.

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