This is the psionic discipline to control your own body, which can take the form of forcing your body to release pheromones or to control the currents within your own body. This is a skill developed by the martial artists of the Undervault, who possess great psionic potential.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Gliding You can glide on any surface, even water.
Introspection A more intense and concentrated method of meditation.
Ironskin Toughen the skin to be as hard as iron.
CellAdjustment Heal your body by repairing yourself cell by cell.
EnergyContainment Your nervous system can absorb elemental damage.
BoneDensity Harden your skeletal structure to resist breaks.
Shift Phase your body to pass through doors and walls.
Regeneration Regenerate health through force of will.
DoublePain Your physical touch can cause intense pain.
Mindfield A backlash against those who would attempt to scry you.
Pheromones Release a scent that few can resist.
BodyFuel Generate power from your body.
Enhancement Enhance either your strength or your dexterity.
Lifedrain Absorb the health of another through your physical touch.
ForcedSymmetry Wounds to your limbs are spread evenly.
Bloodboil Boiling the blood in your veins prevents bleeding.
BioCurrents Cause electrical damage to rebound on your attackers.
Overload Flood your body with psionic power.
BioDrive Flush energy through your body to accelerate healing.

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