The discipline of psionics was developed as a side effect from a cure they developed against thought parasites that were released from the gorgog invasion. The cure itself apparently changed the brain patterns of mages, allowing them to harness this new skill. The base skill of psionics allows different mental powers to be performed on three separate channels of thought waves. Once mastering psionics, mages may choose to either specialize in telekinesis or telepathy. Monks may specialise in Psychometabolism. Psionics draws its power from the ego, and psionicists are in danger of burning out their psionic powers the same as those with the healing skill are.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Channels Check the status of your psionic channels.
Scan Locate other psionicists in local area.
PsiSense Monitor the room you are in for psychic activity.
Biofeedback Reduce damage from the elements.
BodyDensity Increase weight psychically to help resist summons.
MindBar Reduce psychic damage.
Shatter Mentally shatter psionic barriers.
Psiblade Damage someone with a burst of psychic energy.
ReadAura Psychically read another's aura and see defences.
PortraitReading Hear what is said through enchanted portraits.
EgoWhip Drain someone's ego.
Psiarmour Reduce cutting and blunt damage.
EgoScan Determine the sense of self worth and ego of others.
Secondsight See things with increased sight.
PsychicPush Push someone out of the room telekinetically.
Amnesia Pinch the thought waves to cause amnesia.
IronWill Regenerate willpower and ego.
BodyScan See what ailments another has.
PsiAugmentation Draw on your psychic channels to grow more charismatic.
PsychicBlock Block telepathic connections.
AlterAura Psychically remove a specific defence.
Hyperhidrosis Raise your temperature from within to sweat off afflictions.
Master Move on to a master specialization.

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