The general study of other planes will allow you to recognize and eventually acquire useful skills to survive on other planes and use of planar gateways. Also, it allows communication on telepathic channels from other planes, such skill increasing so you can hear communications from planes further and further away. At the higher levels, planar adepts eventually become gateweavers, able to create planar gates on their own.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Survey Determine what plane you're on upon survey.
Teleport Basic travel around the First World.
Elemental Resist the ravages of the elements.
Shortwave Attune to communication channels on adjacent planes.
Rift Use interdimensional rifts to store inventory.
EtherGate See and enter any gateway to the ethereal plane.
ElemGate See and enter any gateway to the elemental planes.
PlanarSight See anyone on your plane regardless of continent.
LiquidRift Store fluids in your rift.
Cosmic Survive on the cosmic planes.
Farwave Attune to communication channels from three planes away.
AdvancedTeleport Travel to anyone on your plane that you can sense.
CosmicGate See and open gates to the cosmic plane.
Astral Survive on the astral plane.
Aetherwave Attune to communication channels from four planes away.
AstroGate See and open gates to the astral plane.
Summon Summon anyone on your plane that you can sense.
Conglutination Reform your body if you die on another plane.
Link Tap into wild energy nodes for personal power.
Gateweave Create gateways to other planes.
Astrowave Attune to communication channels from five planes away.
Distortion Create a distortion field to block gates.
CosmicSense Sense anyone on adjacent planes.
Tesseract Fold space and travel to anyone on an adjacent plane.
Broadcast Hear and speak on all planes freely.
Unravel Unravel and destroy non-permanent gates.
Nexus Mastery of all nexus gates, whatever your affiliation.
GateMaster Your control over planar gates is absolute.

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