Phantasms is an illusion specialization only for mages, which will allow the caster to summon a number of phantasms to do their bidding. Some phantasms allow the caster to steal the thoughts and vision of a target, and others allow them to weave a mirage over their entire demesne. Many of the skills have increased affects when used in their demesne.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Whisper Phantom whispers startle your opponent off equilibrium.
PhantomWall Entangle your foe with a phantom wall.
Phantom Embed shadowy phantoms into another's mind.
FalseVision Send an improved illusion to someone's room from afar.
SeersCandle Let the inquiries of Lord Elostian drain your enemies.
Wounds Illusory wounds will make damage appear greater than it is.
Terrain Trick another mage with an illusory terrain.
StolenSight Weave a sightstealer to watch through another's eyes.
Stalker Send a phantom at anyone in your demesne.
Claws Weave illusory claws to rake your opponent's skin.
StolenThoughts Hear what your victim says and hears.
PhantomArmour Don a suit of phantom armour.
Mirage Weave illusory terrain over your entire demesne.
PhantomSphere Ghastly spheres of torture invade your enemies' minds.
Reality Altering reality will cause widespread confusion and panic.
Phantasmagoria Decimate all your enemies with phantom stalkers.

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