AB Scroll Edit


Syntax: PAD <item>

Outlay: 5+ cloth

You can now pad out armour with cloth, increasing its ability to retain heat. The amount of cloth required will vary depending on how many body parts the armour covers.

Notes / Messages Edit

You must pad at a forge or tailoring bench. You cannot pad an item you are wearing. It takes 30 cloth to pad fullplate.

Message (1st person, success):

You take a moment to examine <item>, holding it carefully and turning it over in your hands. Laying it out on the table before you, you slowly and meticulously sew a thick layer of cloth padding on the interior, creating a dense thermal barrier to retain heat.

Message (1st person, fail, already padded):

A suit of pitch-black field plate has already been padded.

Message (1st person, fail from wearing):

You cannot pad something you are wearing!

Message (1st person, fail commodities):

You don't have the required commodities (cloth 30) to pad that item.

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