AB Scroll Edit



Power: 4 (Pool of Stars)

Light: 4

By surrounding yourself with a numen of light, any damage dealt to you will be halved.

Known for his steadfast devotion to the protection of the innocent, the Dawn's Promise, believed to have been ascended to Sainthood during a glorious battle long ago, is said to have been able to withstand the most terrible of blows without so much as wincing. By imbuing a luminous spirit with one's own Holy Light, a true devout of the Light will be able to maintain the aura of numen longer than those who do not, allowing them to stand upon the field of battle as he did long ago, shielding their own weak flesh from the wounds of their enemies.

Notes / Message Edit

Without holy light this provides a 4/10 Universal damage resistance and lasts for 35 seconds.

Message (1st person):

A luminous spirit descends from the heavens and merges with your spirit. This Gift of the Light pulsates hotly within your bosom.

Message (1st person, Fade):

The aura of numen fades away.

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