AB Scroll Edit



Power: 10 (Master Ravenwood)

Damage Modifier: 2/10 universal resistance

Mother Night will bestow her blessed kiss upon you, granting you increased equilibrium recovery (1/3) and damage protection (2/10). Further, gathering shadows while wearing this kiss will cost only 1 power instead of 3. Finally, you will be able to bestow your own NIGHTKISS upon enemies, which damages them and siphons some health back to you. You cannot receive a kiss from Mother Night during the day or if the Moon is full. The damage is increased if you are wielding your talisman.

Syntax: NIGHTKISS <target>

Damage Type: 50% Asphyxiation, 50% Cold

Damage Source: Magical

Can Target Denizens

For those who use weaponry, note that while blessed by Mother Night, shadows will cover all weapons you wield, increasing their statistics.

Syntax: NIGHTGAZE <target>

Damage Type: 50% Psychic, 50% Excoro

Damage Source: Magical

Can Target Denizens

For those who fight against Mother Night's chosen, they shall find even their gaze to pierce right into their very mind - for what lies just beyond the eyes is as black and empty as some claim their hearts to be.

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