The nature totem of Night is available to some members of the Forest of Glomdoring, and is the required totem of the Shadowdancer wiccan guild. Bonding with the Spirit offers them dark abilities of the Night, as well as the power to form covens for even greater strength.

Night is a specialization of Totems.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Coven Combine your magics with others.
Garb Cover yourself in the shadows of Mother Night.
Penumbra Beauty pleases Mother Night.
Cauldron Manipulate the shadows with your cauldron.
Flight Escape into the night as deep as you desire.
Drink Drink deeply of the darkness of released shadows.
Cone Raise a cone of power to send energy to your commune nexus.
Scourge Teach others the terrors of the darkness.
Gloomtide Hide yourself from allies and enemies alike.
Brumetower Raise the Tower of Darkness at your whim.
Steal The ultimate theft, steal the shadows of your enemies.
Lash A dance to drain another's mana and heal yourself.
Nightgaze Use Night's power to drain another of life energy.
Longnight Woe be to the land that falls under night's long shadow.
ShadowTwist Beware the shadows of the night! Beware!
Bonds Shadows will bind the travelling magics.
Conclave As coven leader, call a conclave of the coven.
Terror None can escape the terror of Mother Night's wrath!
Nightkiss Walk proud with the Kiss of Night upon your brow.

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