Developed by Aia, the founder of the Cacophony Guild, along with the Dead Voice of the Elder God Jagrerox, Necroscream is an intense musical style that is known for its volume as much as its beat and vivid lyrics.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Composition You may compose songs expressing your own creativity.
Sustain The ability to maintain a song.
VileBlood Let dark music surge through the blood of allies.
UndeadBlues Undead flesh can withstand physical punishment.
DiscordantChord This painful chord shall crush the disharmonic soul.
TortureSong Bindings will cut into the flesh of your enemies.
DespairWeb Entanglements will hold enemies longer.
Refrain A musical structure that allows repetition of a stanza.
Reprise A musical structure that allows reversal of a stanza.
IronChord A powerful chord to slay your enemies.
NecroBallad Who will flourish under the ballads of the dead?
CarillonKnell The raging sound of Ashtorath harms plague victims.
SickeningPlague Plague your enemies with pox and hunger.
CaptiveAudience Both friends and enemies hear nothing but your songs.
SobbingDread A dark despair so deep it is difficult to move.
EngineWords A sound to inspire the citizens of Magnagora.
DemonSong Demons who hear will increase their speed.
QueensLament Let the Laments of Nifilhema touch another.
Dyscrasia Draw out the worst of your plague.
WrathfulCanticle The wrath of Ashtorath shall incite terrible violence.
Encore Play a rousing encore performance.
TaintedLove Love for you can be a twisted and cruel gift--or not.
DarkMaster All must obey the Voice of the Dark Master!
BlackDeath This terrible tone will cause plagues to persist.
Threnody Accompany enemies to the grave with the song of death.

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