Not only do musicians train to create perfect musical intervals, but they infuse their sounds with vibrations of the Great Song, the ancient sounds used by the Elder Gods for creation (and destruction). Most important is to find an instrument of quality to which they can bond, and as soon as a bard plays their instrument, it creates an immediate bond. The more an instrument is played, the better the individual musician can play it.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Practice To master your instrument: practice, practice, practice!
MinorSecond Serious disharmony that can damage the body.
BlankNote Only the deaf can hear the blank note.
BardicPresence Enjoy increased ego and performance ability.
MajorSecond Subtle disharmony that squeezes the ego.
MinorThird Sad, calming note that can soothe the savage beast.
MajorThird Harmonious tone that heals the body and mind.
PerfectFourth Upbeat tone that attracts even the smallest of creatures.
Tritone A sound that harms the body when the mind is exercised.
PerfectFifth Whoever hears this sound cannot leave your performance.
MinorSixth Strangely creepy sound drains both mana and ego.
InstrumentBond Choose one instrument above all others.
MajorSixth Sound that allows travel to various milestones.
MinorSeventh This disharmonic tone enhances magical damage.
Roulade A succession of tones to rouse your ego.
BlankChord Similar to a blank note, but much stronger.
Emoting Increase your charisma through truly emotional music.
MajorSeventh Strong disharmony that is attuned to flows of power.
Fugue Change another musician's composition by joining in.
Octave A harmonic unity that holds spiritual vibrations in place.
Master Move on to a master specialization.

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