AB Scroll Edit



This can be cast in a single forest location or throughout your demesne. A murder of crows will descend upon your enemies who stand above the ground (flying, in trees or mountains, etc.), or with a small chance those on the ground, either blinding them, raking them with their talons, or infecting them with the dread disease of black lung. If it is cast for your demesne, it will only affect the location of the demesne where you stand and adjacent locations that also reside in the demesne. But, as you move throughout different areas of your demesne, it will shift location with you.

Causes Blindness or BlackLung or 100 bleeding on each tick.

Victim Message:

A murder of crows descends from the sky with black wings spread and eyes glowing a malevolent red, diving at you in a filthy flurry of malevolent talons and beaks.

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