The Nature Totem of the Moon Spirit is available to some members of the Serenwilde commune, and is the required totem of the Moondancer wiccan guild. Bonding with the Moon Spirit grants many lunar powers, some of which increase or decrease depending on the phase of the moon. Those with the Moon Spirit specialization may also join together in covens which afford even greater powers.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Coven Combine your magics with others.
Beam Travel along a beam of moonlight.
Light Bathe a room in light to regenerate ego of Moon and Stag.
Succumb Force others to succumb to the majesty of Mother Moon.
Aura The aura of the moon protects you.
Cone Raise a cone of power to send energy to your commune nexus.
Waxing The waxing moon heals your wounds.
Shafts Call down shafts of powerful moonlight.
Shine Bask in the powers of Moon's cyclic phases.
Waning The waning moon slows your foes.
Harvest The harvest moon increases the coven's life harvest.
Full The full moon cures what ails you.
Moonburst Strike with Moon's power.
Resurgem Coven can resurrect fallen Moon or Stag followers.
Dark The dark moon curses your foes with insanity.
Conclave As coven leader, call a conclave of the coven.
Rage Use the coven to call down the wrath of the moon.
Drawdown Draw down the moon into your soul.

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