The term 'low' may at first be misunderstood when regarding the branch of magic known as Low Magic. More properly, Low Magic is 'natural magic' which involves the study of auras and energies that make up life. It is a much more intuitive form of magic when considered next to its intellectual cousin, High Magic. Many useful manipulations of the aura can be gained through studying this branch of magic, and is a prerequisite to learning the Nature, Herbs or Poisons skill.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Circle A magic circle protects you from most attacks.
Red Ground the body through the red root chakra.
Nullify Make magical protections cease to be.
Orange The belly's orange chakra controls hunger.
Spring Performing the rite of spring cleanses the aura.
Yellow Well being flows from the solar plexus' yellow chakra.
Summer Burn away bonds during the rite of summer.
Green The heart's green chakra heals the body.
Blue Protect communications through the throat's blue chakra.
Autumn Reap what you sow during the rite of autumn.
Contemplation Meditate on the subtleties of reality to expand the mind.
Indigo Spirits are revealed by the eye's indigo chakra.
Violet The power of the crown's violet chakra can attack spirits.
Winter Nothing is colder than the rite of winter.
Serpent Raise the power of kundalini to protect you.

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