Lorecraft is the natural progression onwards from basic alchemy. Its practitioners deal with more complex formulae and can amalgamate more potent salves and potions, as well as creating rare oils and perfumes. At the apex of his or her career, the lorecrafter will be able to create the fabled elixir vitae which restores life and the much-coveted philosopher's stone: useable only by the alchemist who created it.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Fire Protect yourself from cold and chills.
Jasmine An aromatic oil that instills paranoia with its scent.
Frost Protect yourself from fire.
Invisibility An oil to hide an object from sight.
Vanilla An aromatic oil that weakens with its scent.
Galvanism Protect yourself from electricity.
Sanguine A powerful purgative against hot and moist ailments.
DragonsBlood An aromatic oil that empowers with its scent.
Preservation An oil to protect an item against decay.
Choleric A needed purgative for dry and hot temperaments.
Sandalwood An aromatic oil that instills charity with its scent.
Phlegmatic A purgative for moist and cold temperaments.
Melancholic A purgative for cold and dry temperaments.
Musk An aromatic oil that seduces with its scent.
MineralOil An oil used in the improvement of weapons.
Constructs Create a golden heart to power a construct.
Vitae The elixir vitae represents a hallmark in alchemy.
PhilosopherStone Indeed, every alchemist dreams of possessing one.

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