Exquisite and richly complex, the crystalline harmonies of Loralaria intertwine the powerful, conducting Dead Voice of Crys and the masterful control and rhythm of Jilai Clarramore, the first founder of the Symphonium Opera House. In modern times, Morshoth Windwhisper reestablished the guild, bringing back its resonant music evocative of chiming gemstones.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Composition You may compose songs expressing your own creativity.
Sustain The ability to maintain a song.
CrystalSong Fuse harmonics gems to your instrument.
GemAffinity Store your gems in an interdimensional space.
BlueBerceuse A gentle lullaby... until they're asleep.
DiscordantChord This painful chord shall crush the disharmonic soul.
JadeGrazioso A graceful tune to soothe the bones.
CrimsonCourante Do a quickstep to this fast music.
Refrain A musical structure that allows repetition of a stanza.
Reprise A musical structure that allows reversal of a stanza.
LoralChord Crystallise the flesh of your foes.
AureolinAubade This passionate tune will be certain to seduce.
ChromaConcerto Guard yourself against elemental ravages.
CaptiveAudience Both friends and enemies hear nothing but your songs.
MidnightMinuet Your listeners shall have to dance, albeit badly.
FleckedFortissimo A deafening note to bring someone to their knees.
VioletVibrato Induce mental degeneration with a varying melody.
Crescendo A masterful composition by Morshoth Windwhisper.
EmeraldGrazioso Soothe your mind and body with graceful notes.
StratusSerenade A light and airy tune.
SkySforzando Lock your friends in an aeonic field.
Encore Play a rousing encore performance.
RedRubato Painfully warp time around your foes.
ClearCapriccio Wrap your allies in a powerful restorative field.
Convergence Warp space around someone, moving them far away.
Funebre A long, sombre song to end their life.

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