The prime skill for all warrior guilds is Knighthood, which is where they learn basic fighting styles and maneuvers. The beginning skills here immediately and dramatically improve using a weapon, which increases as the skill in knighthood increases. Although the general skill of Combat will also improve the ability to hit and damage with weapons, it is more a defensive skill and accordingly improves defense more than offense. Knighthood, on the other hand, will strongly improve offensive and most warriors choose to master Knighthood before the general skill of Combat. After mastering the basics of Knighthood, the warrior moves on to a weapon specialization. Also, increasing your ability in Knighthood will provide a moderate boost to your abilities in the general skill of Combat.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Striking Strike out with your weapons.
Raze Attack the defences that would keep your weapons out.
WeaponMaster Improved competency in all weapons.
Defensive Change your fighting style to be more defensive.
Aggressive An inaccurate but slow fighting style.
ShieldParry Use shields to parry.
Gripping Grip your wielded items in a deathlock.
Assay Analyze the fighting techniques of your foe.
Weaponparry Use weapons to parry.
Lightning A reckless but swift fighting style.
Engage Strike out at a cowardly opponent.
Targeting Aim your jabs at specific body parts.
StandardBearer Protect your squad by bearing the brunt of any aggression.
Master Move on to a master specialization.

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