Kata is the basic form of martial arts, primarily involving kicks and hand strikes. This form of martial arts was first developed and mastered in the Undervault by the kephera and illithoid.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Punch A basic attack with your hands.
Kick A basic attack with your legs.
Forms Design your own kata attacks.
Hold The most basic grapple.
Throw Hurl someone to the ground.
Choke An asphyxiating grapple.
CentipedeStance The basic defensive stance
Lock A grapple targeting body parts.
CavefisherStance A damaging offensive stance.
Snap End a lock by injuring the body part.
SpidionStance A quick offensive stance.
MantaStance Basic avoidance stance.
UrchinStance Basic regressive Stance.
EelStance A penetrating offensive stance.
Toss Hurl a grappled person away from you.
Raze Attack the defences that would keep your weapons out.
Yoga Physical meditation to hone the body and mind.
MantekarrStance Basic bleeding and bruising stance.
Tattoos Your body illustrations can be tapped for armour.
KrakenStance A powerful offensive stance.
Master Move on to a master specialization.

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