Illusions is a highly developed magical art, allowing the adept to weave illusions from light and shadow. Some illusions affect what others see and perceive, while others actually insert illusions into the minds. While illusionists are popularly known for spectacular pyrotechnics displays during festivals, they also make great spies, able to use their glamours as the ultimate form of infiltration.

Illusions specializes into the skill of Glamours for Bards, and Phantasms for Mages.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Detection Detect illusions either on a room or on another.
Dispell Some illusions just need to be dispelled.
Changeself Weave a glamour to appear as a different race.
Invisibility Make yourself invisible from prying eyes.
Reflection Create a reflection of yourself or another.
Magicmouth When someone enters a location, a message will be heard.
Illusion Basic, yet powerful, illusions may be crafted.
Spook From your nightmares, craft forth a powerful illusion.
Script Write on walls with illusory script.
Stars Send an illusion into another's mind of starry sparkles.
Improved Add a time delay and colour to your illusions.
Sparkles A harmless display of your powers.
Blur Bend light and blur the edges of your body.
Programmed Your illusions may be programmed for surprising effect.
Master Move on to a master specialization.

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