AB Scroll Edit



Power:  10 (Eternal Flame)

Flesh:  Uurulu, Slaavi, Mhogaki, Cluuvia, Hakii, Phlo, Bahlik, Augorum,

      Flahti, Olormi, Yig, Lovashi

The homunculus represents the pinnacle of transmology, creating a creature using yourself as a template. The homunculus is under the complete mental and physical domination of its caster. The caster will receive increased health, mana and ego so long as the homunculus lives. However, if the homunculus dies, the caster will experience its physical pain. On the other hand, if the caster dies, the caster will send his or her essence completely into the homunculus and be reborn. More formidably, the homunculus uses its own balance and can even cast some paradigmatic spells. Also, the bite of a homunculus causes insanity. The commands available are:


ORDER <homunculus> MOVE (direction)

ORDER <homunculus> SAY (text)

ORDER <homunculus> EMOTE (emote)

ORDER <homunculus> LOOK [(object)]

ORDER <homunculus> EXITS

ORDER <homunculus> GET (object)

ORDER <homunculus> BITE (target)

Baring sharpened teeth dripping with greenish saliva, a homunculus resembling a deformed <race> leaps up and bites you, causing you to tremble and feel feverish.
Causes 2 pennyroyal's worth of insanity. 4s balance loss on the homunculus.

ORDER <homunculus> CAST BADLUCK AT (target)

 His eyes glowing a fearsome yellow, a homunculus resembling a deformed <race> stares at you with a burning gaze, and you cannot help but shudder at the intensity of the malice directed towards you.
Costs no power. 9s homunculus balance.

ORDER <homunculus> CAST GREYWHISPERS AT (target)

His eyes glowing a fiery red, a homunculus resembling a deformed <race> looks at you, quickly looks away, then looks back at you with a malicious glint in his eye.
Notably costs no power to activate, but the homunculus balance on casting this is increased to 13s.

ORDER <homunculus> RETURN

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