AB Scroll Edit


Much like the Celestine Saints of old, so blessed by the Supernals and devout in your ways are you that your soul may be imbibed with the smallest portion of the Light of Celestia. Though not as powerful nor as capable as the ancestral saints, a mortal soul may contain much of the Holy Light of Celestia, measured in globes. Though your soul is unable to take the pure and unadulterated glories of Glorious Celestia, it may contain up to thirty spheres without suffering. These spheres may be accrued in a variety of ways, often from performing acts valued by the Holy Supernals. Elohora and Raziela look well upon acts of great sacrifice and restoring life to the dead, while Japhiel favours those who seek to ensure the undead and their unnatural existence are purged from the lands. Shakiniel, ever protective of the Light, oft blesses those who put down those who would do the Light harm. Methrenton, ever ready to charge those who would do harm to the Light and its protectorates, favours those who slay the infidels, so marked by the devout of the Light.

The Holy Light of Celestia may take many forms, oft with the intent of protecting and healing the Sacraments User.  


Holy Light: 4

Using much of the Holy Light stored within, the Devout may infuse their very soul with the Light of Celestia, temporarily becoming something more than simply mortal. Those Holy Beings of Celestia that are so formed are less than Saints and Archons, however still formidable beacons of light and love upon the battlefield. Though such a transformation is not permanent, while it is maintained the Holy Being will emanate an aura that will not only purge their own pure form of afflictions, but those of their allies, as well. 

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