Because of the need to recognise the auras of plants, low magic is a prerequisite for this skill.

Very simply, a herbalist can go out to HARVEST <plant> [SINGLE|INDIVIDUAL] in the environments they are found growing. To see how many herbs are growing in a location, you can quickly see by the PLANTS command. Also, herbalists can use PLANTS ON/OFF to always see plants in a location. Plants may be transplanted by taking a freshly picked plant and planting it in the appropriate environment (PLANT <herb>). Herbs are very susceptible to elemental magic and will slowly wither in locations where a mage has established a demesne. Also, herbs grow much slower on tainted ground. Those who know the Nature skill will be able to guard locations against elemental magic and fire. Furthermore, guarded locations repel rapacious harvesters from stripping herbs entirely. All plants have a peak month in which their growth increases during that month and, to a lesser degree, on adjacent months. The opposite month from the peak month is when they go into hibernation and very few plants of that type will be able to be found, though guarded locations will not hibernate.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Flax Farmers hate this weed, but useful to alchemists.
Arnica A hardy mountain shrub that alchemists find use for.
Chervil An abundant herb found in forests, helps to stop bleeding.
Weed The mind altering cactus weed.
Yarrow An excellent blood purifier.
Galingale Mental strength can be regained by this useful herb.
Sargassum Seaweed that floats on the ocean's surface.
Reishi An enigmatic mushroom that counters some magical effects.
Sage An aromatic brush found in the desert.
Marjoram This herb helps ailments of the muscular system.
Colewort A cabbage-like herb common in the valley.
Rosehips Lovely wild roses produce medicinal rosehips.
Kombu A type of seaweed that strengthens the nervous system.
Myrtle The bog myrtle is well loved by alchemists.
Kafe An aromatic bean that keeps you alert.
Tea Aromatic leaves used for brewing tea.
Wormwood This versatile herb has many healing properties.
Smoking You can pack pipes with herbs for maximum smokeability.
Juniper Alchemists find use for these colourful berries.
Horehound A grounding herb cures many magical afflictions.
LastHarvest Discern who has been harvesting in a location.
Pennyroyal A fine herb to bring the mind back into harmony.
Calamus This herb helps soothe glandular disorders.
Earwort Type of fungus found only in the elemental plane of earth.
Faeleaf Found only on the ethereal plane, it deflects iron.
Coltsfoot A smokable herb that cures a variety of phobias.
Merbloom Found only on the elemental plane of water.
Miniatures Pack battle figurines with sparkleberry.
SoothingSteam Blend Healing herbs into a smokeable remedy.
Mistletoe Sacred to druids, a symbiotic tree vine.
Sparkleberry Found only on the astral plane, actually accumulates power.
Constructs Use herbs to help heal a nexus construct and colossus.
Herblore An affinity to herbs allows you to ingest them quickly.

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