Harmony is a skill especially developed by the kephera, which aims to bring balance to body, mind, heart and spirit through the chanting of mantras. This highly aimed skill utilizes the unusual 'elements' of metal, wood, water, air and fire.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Ooshmun Sense those who move under the shroud of deceit.
Lumuti Your confidence prevents you from knowing fear.
Chuphet Stand still and strong against attempts to move you.
Ooshphet Let your feet travel like the fastest winds.
Krakuti Burst the inflated egos of those who deserve it.
Anguti Expand your ability to influence and debate others.
Lumphet Let healing energies course through your body.
Highchant A special feat to quickly chant.
Krakmun Drain the minds of those who seek to harm.
Angphet Strengthen your body against harm.
Regeneration Let your mantra vibrate through body, mind and heart.
Akhooshlumang None will be able to see your inner being.
Lummun Your mind has mastery over your body.
Akhlum Surround yourself with a frosty chill.
Chuuti Wrap yourself in the strength of the peaceful heart.
Akhchukrakoosh Let karma take care of its own.
Krakphet Your strikes will be filled with inner passions.
Akhkrak Let the fire within burn away that which ails.
Angmun Protect the mind against harm.
Akhang Metal responds favorably to your touch.
Chumun Gird your mind against thoughts that confuse.
Akhchu Control that which attempts to bind you.
Akhlumangchu Call upon the protection of the spirit within.
Ooshuti Pierce the illusions that seek to trick you.
Akhoosh Feel the wind empower and move you.
Akhlumooshchu Banish the evil spirits that plague you.
Akhangooshkrak Even death plays a part in the harmony of existence.

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