AB Scroll Edit



Power:  3 (Pool of Stars)

By blessing the ground where you stand, you will suffuse the location with holy light. You and your allies will be cured and healed periodically by the holy light as you stand on the hallowed ground (though the more of your allies on the holy ground, the less chance the light will bathe everyone). Further, those who are branded as a heretic or infidel will be harmed by the light. When a Sacraments caster dies, all of his or her hallowed grounds will vanish.


Holy Light: 2

It is said the Saints of Old were able to purify all that came before them, no matter how foul or dark its corruption. Expending much of their Holy Light, one of true devotion to the Light is able to call upon the Glory of Celestia, exuding a presence so hallowed and sacrosanct that not only the ground that they stand upon will be purified, but so shall their surroundings.

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